the art of exalting the soul
an evolving canvas

i have made the decision to "go public" as of today 
8th May 2006.
this is a very special anniversary for me.
a day that has a splendid significance
for my soul.

though, not all elements are in place, 
and systems are still being configured, and what not...
it appeared unnecessary to delay the availablity 
for the current content to be shared
and hopefully enjoyed.

i have taken examples from nature...

a flower does not fully bloom overnight.
it is an evolving process of seed to sprout
to bud to blossom to bloom.

so this is where we are right now..
and i am happy to share what we have
right now...

in my experience, creativity is a flowing stream.
i call it the stream of excellence.

it is exuberant, vibrant and spontaneous.
it seeks nothing but to express itself freely.

thus, through this website,
it is my intention to serve this urge,
in joyous celebration of existence.

in addition to functioning as a showcase,
this portal is a kinetic playground.
it will continue to evolve and expand
as long as i have breath and something to share.. 

should a more suitable medium of cyber-expression be innovated,
i will certainly entertain the options.

at the moment, it serves as an extremely versatile,
evolving canvas upon which to paint my praise and thanksgiving.

so, having said all this,
i thank you for visiting and hope you will return often
to partake in the unfolding expressions.