the art of exalting the soul noh © 2006 
every given moment

the way of my art,
is the way of the poet.
the way of the poet is quiet observation.
impartial, yet full with heart.

every given moment
is an opportunity for love expression,
whether it be word, image, story or symphony.

serenity, appreciation and gratitude
are the pillars of this art.

it is my duty to be true to myself,
because the gift of being an artist is to be authentic.

it is the artist’s gift to reflect this authenticity,
to celebrate that existence which is within.
that is why the gift has been given.

it is a tremendous honor and privilege,
it is also a tremendous challenge,
for the gift demands no compromises.

just like life itself.

one who is especially gifted
in the perception and expression
of the beautiful or lyrical

from greek - maker, create
The American Heritage Dictionary
the art of exalting the soul