the art of exalting the soul
a memorial

a tribute to the innocence within us all

to all who cried and all who laughed

to the weak and the strong

to the cruel and the compassionate

to the brutal and the gentle

to the cowards and the heroes

to those who struggled and those who watched

to the silent ones and the outspoken

to those who hurt and those who healed

to the  unknown and the known

to those forgotten and those remembered art - content - design - noh © 2006 

all rights reserved

- Project History -

In the early months of 1984, 
I set off travelling through my country of birth, South Africa. 
It was a time of dark shadows, anger, hatred and prejudice.

However, I refused to turn my lens towards despair. 
I set out to photograph the wonder and beauty of humanity’s dignity, 
to reflect the resplendent soul of each human being, 
that dwells always beyond the reach of a tarnished history. 

In the children I found my prophets...
Innocents in celebration of the unity of life,
 knowing know division of race, color or national boundaries.

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stirring once again.
Rise with the morning sun,
forget not your Breath.