the art of exalting the soul
Investing in art is a wise choice.
One gets to enjoy the object of investment from day one.
In addition, there is always the possibility of the art
increasing in financial value over time.

In these times of turbulent fiscal climate,
investing in currency, money markets etc, is simply gambling.
And once one parts with one’s money, that’s it for enjoyment!
From then on, it’s a waiting game,
and sometimes, downright nerve-wracking, mind-wrenching and brain-wrecking.

Investing in art, no matter if it’s monetry value increases or decreases,
one gets to enjoy one’s investment.
What value do you place on a moment’s reminder of beauty ?

Also, investing in art with the intention of bequesting the art
to one’s children and grand-children,
one affords them the opportunity to the enjoy the art too..
after you are long gone.

So, to sum it all up... investment in art is a wise choice.
At present, you can invest in
Millennium Moments
Limited Edition Prints.
All prints come with a certificate of authenticity.

From time to time, other sizes in limited editions will be made available.